Explore Graduate Programs with The Better Health Generation

The Better Health Generation is dedicated to fostering a collaborative community for graduate students, as well as enhancing academic and personal development. We aim to provide resources and support for recent graduates, while recognising their achievements and contributions to local communities.

We are looking for bright, compassionate graduates to join our team. Are you passionate about making a positive change to the lives of those you work with? Are you intrinsically motivated, seeking an employer who will help you develop expertise as an allied health professional? If so, we want to hear from you!

Who We’re Looking For

We are excited to offer university graduates an opportunity to start their career with us as part of our newly established Graduate Program.

You’ll help us work to create real, positive change in health outcomes for current and future generations while gaining first-hand case management experience. The Better Health Generation is a global organisation leading a community of brands dedicated to the delivery of holistic health and wellbeing experiences for individuals and workplaces.

Who We're Looking For

Our services are delivered through

  • Accelerate Health
  • Assessment Squared
  • Back 2 Work
  •  Back 2 Work Solutions
  • Care Squared
  • Care Squared Kids
  • Generation Care
  • Me & Work
  • Wellbeing Code
  • Your Health Plus
  • The Better Health Generation UK

Kick-start your career with The Better Health Generation

We are looking for energised graduates who can help transform the way we work, as the demand for allied health services rapidly increases. We aim to deliver convenient, integrated and personalised healthcare experiences for our clients, and want you to join our team of passionate, personable professionals.

In return, we’ll develop you as a leader as you start your first role. A clinician will work with you as you move through the program, helping you settle into The Better Health Generation and the management of your own caseloads. You’ll have access to experienced mentors, who will support and guide you with your career and personal objectives. Take the leap and kick-start your career with The Better Health Generation – Apply now.

Kick-start your career with The Better Health Generation
Learning, Development and Diversity

Our greatest asset is our people. With unrestricted access to a variety of clinical resources, alongside support from mentors and an experienced team of clinical staff, you are empowered to set goals and meet them throughout the Graduates Program. As part of our commitment to L&D opportunities, graduates are supported while working on complex clinical cases, and encouraged to pursue areas of professional interest.

Our Emerging Leaders and Next Generation Leader Programs help staff hone skill-sets and advance in their chosen career pathway. With access to roles across the full suite of The Better Health Generation sub-brands, our team are exposed to a wide array of opportunities across a variety of sectors (NDIS, disability, corporate healthcare, aged care etc).

We understand the importance of a healthy work environment, and aim to cultivate a team of experts in their field.

Thank you for the opportunity to work under The Better Health Generation. As an undergraduate, it’s very difficult to gain experience in the psychology field…your support has made me appreciate the field of psychology so much more, and instilled a lot of confidence in myself and my skills.


Thank you for the opportunity to work at The Better Health Generation for my placement – it’s been an eye-opening experience! The meetings and subsequent discussions with the psychologists educated my potential future trajectory, and your support throughout our project made it rewarding. I am thankful to have learned about both considerations for working with children and what it means to work in a psychologically oriented workplace.


I feel like I’ve learnt a lot – especially on the SEWB model and working with First Nations clients. I’ve really enjoyed this opportunity and will make the most of the skills learnt and the advice given. 


You’ve really opened my eyes to the potential psychology has in touching people from many walks of life. The strategies learnt from my research conducted while being at The Better Health Generation will surely help my clinical career.