Learning & Development

We’re creating a workplace where our team is empowered and enabled to drive their careers and own their development. Whether you’re looking to become a knowledge specialist, lead a team or develop a role that fulfils your needs – we’re committed to giving you the opportunity to excel in your career.

Our Careers Pathways Program was created to guide your career journey with us. We’ll support you grow, develop, and be the best version of your professional self. You’ll have access to mentors and colleagues with a wealth of experience and knowledge across our brands, as well as a dedicated L&D team who can help steer you in the right direction.

Become an Individual Contributor

It’s simple. Choose a brand that aligns with who you are, and focus on being the best at what you do!

Not everyone wants (or needs) to be a leader to make a significant impact across the organisation. Our individual contributors are at the core of what we do – focused on doing something well, rather than defining what needs to be done. In this capacity, you’ll make consistent contributions to, and yield strong influence across, our company.

Become a Team Leader

Do you have a call to leadership? Would you like to have a remit over a specific area of the business? Our leadership pathway options are designed to provide you with clarity around the qualities and competencies we look for to create inspiring leaders. You will shape and mould the future of our business, with strong focus on what needs to be done.

Become a Strategic Leader

Our strategic leaders are the drivers behind our vision and purpose. With a tendency to be more senior than our team leaders (who are still developing their leadership talents), strategic leaders have established their leadership presence, self-awareness and business acumen across the organisation, and focus on bringing others along the journey forward.

Become a Mentor

Our mentors shape our workforce, and are proud to equip staff with the skills they need to excel in their everyday activities. It’s a role akin to that of your favourite primary school teacher…after so many years, still held in high esteem and remembered fondly.

Become a Knowledge Specialist

Knowledge specialists are fundamental to our business, driving learning across the organisation by imparting their knowledge, wisdom and expertise across various areas. To be a knowledge specialist is to know a particular topic well enough to present, lead, facilitate and teach on that topic. You will help us ensure standardisation of best practices.

Work across different brands

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with our multiple brand CEOs and Executive Leadership team to discover exciting job opportunities that exist in their space! Once you’ve determined your preferred brand, you can pick one of the existing pathways above and start your personalised Careers Pathway Program.

It’s great to see management asking for staff feedback. The Better Health Generation’s response to feedback is definitely something that I’ve rarely seen with other employers. Makes me proud to be part of TBHG team.


I am really enjoying the work that I have been doing. It’s been such a marvellous company to work for. The commitment by all is tremendous and very supportive.


Thank you for seeking to empower our staff through improved health and wellbeing!