With a reputation built on delivering timely, independent and detailed evaluations, clients rely on our team’s critical-thinking and extensive experience to develop assessments and reports. Our highly experienced team includes clinicians in psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy and vocational rehabilitation who work in parallel with medical and nursing professions in the health sector.

Our Services

Medico-legal assessments and reports

Specialised assessments and reports

Pre-NDIS assessments and reports

Our team are here to help – whether you are seeking diagnostic clarification or simply a better understanding of how you learn, we have the tools to provide assessments that are personalised and tailored to meet your specific needs. All our clinical assessments are delivered by registered psychologists with a passion for, and expertise in, this area of healthcare.

At Assessment Squared, our aim is to offer clarity and understanding to individuals, to empower them to make the best decisions in support of health and wellbeing. We understand that accurate, comprehensive and professional assessments play an important role in helping you take control of personal challenges.

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