Grounded in clinical evidence, we use the influence of elite athletes to destigmatise mental health and deliver positive effects on personal wellbeing by stimulating high-performance mental health and leadership.

Our Services

Leadership & High Performance Mentoring

Mental Health Wellbeing Workshops

Mental Health First Aid Training

NDIS-Approved Programs

Indigenous Engagement

Youth Mentoring

Wellbeing Code has been created out of human’s needs: the wellbeing we need in order to perform; the stories that resonate to inspire; the mindset mentoring to expose what we’re capable of.

Designed by a team of highly qualified psychologists, Wellbeing Code offers unmatched solutions across a range of mental health, leadership and wellbeing programs (in addition to a suite of NDIS-approved initiatives). Backed with evidence-based clinical content, our programs empower Australians to build resilience and lead meaningful, purposeful lives.

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